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Rabu, 24 November 2010


Fall is the epitome of change and redevelopment in a way. Fabrics, colors and shapes earnings down and the first rain arrived and worked. We are a soft cashmere sweater, a long elegant coat, and the possibility of exciting new possibilities that lurk behind many layers of warmth. This fall, menswear and androgynous and sexy silhouette juxtaposing stir just inspiration. Alexander Wang, Steven Alan, and provides examples Des Garcons street savvy shapes, tailored cuts and boyish loose layers mixing the designer prints and ruffled blouses, and all women the perfect match. Creativity blooms in the fall of the freshness of the many open new possibilities can be terminated.

Alexander Wang, Fall Line Grunge other hot pants and trousers, vests fit, - symmetrical zipper bag and jacket, dress, and a mix of wanderer motorcycle offers. King's fall collection, the introduction of formal geometry and architecture, and very popular 90's grunge to support the regeneration of the fall season. He's street wear, take their inspiration from the creative style of dressing, and no connection found wearing nothing between. Sensuous draping and dark tones and textures and edges of his 2008 fall collection, a brilliant mix of men and oats in the cold to be a comfortable casual provides new opportunities.

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